see you again

dear best friend,

hello 🙂 I am so sorry it’s been so long. I kept starting posts and then not having time to finish them and then the longer the gap became between the present and my last post, the more I felt like I needed to write something long, and I just didn’t have time. I’m really sorry, don’t hate me, please!

I don’t even have a topic for today’s post so I’m just going to write whatever comes to mind and hopefully that’s okay:

  • someone got me sick and I don’t appreciate it!!
  • I’m excited to learn our spring songs tomorrow, I actually really like all of them and I’m just happy to have rehearsal at all, I know you don’t share my feelings but I’ve missed it these past few weeks. plus we don’t have to dance so don’t you at least want to go a little more than usual?
  • I’m writing my psych essay and the more I write, the more I realize just how fucked up that experiment was, holy shit
  • I’M SO EXCITED FOR BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY and I know we’re not going to get to start it for a really long time but I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!
  • you’re beautiful
  • my former dance teacher that was visiting today took class with us and spent most of it trying to hide behind me (so she wouldn’t have to go in front because she couldn’t figure out the combination) and saying “I think I’m going to die”
  • it was so weird seeing her again because it honestly felt like she’d never left and I was walking out to my car and I was just like “bye!” because I was like “oh I’ll see her on tuesday” and then I realized I won’t see her again until May and sprinted back and gave her a hug and ughhh my heart hurts all over again
  • I went to five guys with my grandpa yesterday and then we went to barnes and noble because he asked me what I wanted for dessert and I figured they’d have a cookie or something I wanted so I ended up getting a slice of cake and I ate it and then I asked if he was ready to go and no, he had to go find an actual map of florida and look at how far siesta key is from orlando (for our vacation, b/c he didn’t know where siesta key was) and then use the scale on the map to try to measure how many miles it was and I said “you know I could just look it up on my phone” and no, he needed to look at it on the map
  • my father is watching football and I am sick of it
  • I finally met gabe on the office! I’ve only seen one episode with him in it so far but I finally know who he is now!
  • my uterus is falling out and I really would rather that it didn’t 😡
  • okay that’s all I think but I’m going to start writing again I promise and I’m sorry again!! I hope that you had a lovely day and that you’re having a good weekend and I will see you tomorrow and I would like to give you a hug then if that is acceptable

I love you! ❤


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