dear best friend,

hey 🙂 once again, I’m sorry it’s been so long, and I’m sorry this won’t be nearly long enough. but I figured I’d do a monday moods post again – it’s been a while.

  • the girl next to me in chorus just muttering “I can’t do it, I can’t fucking do it” for twenty minute straight
  • “first sopranos, I trust you know what you’re doing” what the fuck
  • that whole “boxer shuffle” exchange
  • I was in the bathroom with our sophomore friend and (idk how to really describe her but hopefully you’ll know who I mean) our class’s future valedictorian walked in and saw both of us just standing by the sinks and sarcastically said “wow is it a party in here?” and both of us just laughed awkwardly and waited—in silence–for her to leave
  • that same girl’s fake tan because MAJOR oof
  • in ap chem a certain person (who cheats her way through everything and makes me want to bitch-slap her every single day? yeah, her) was asking 400000000 questions about the midterm and asking if she could get extra credit and the chem teacher kept saying no and she kept asking about extra credit and finally the chem teacher said “how about you just study for the midterm?” and we all died
  • “I’m in danger”
  • our sophomore friend freaking out over college emails
  • you talking about “pull-out game” which was one of the most am-i-in-an-alternate-universe moments I’ve had in a while
  • our math teacher being confused and amused when we asked to go see our english teacher
  • ****SIDE NOTE**** so apparently I don’t know how to read but anyway the email actually said to go see her WITHOUT my “posse” so I have to go tomorrow and I’m genuinely kind of scared
  • I pulled on the end of our best friend’s bun (very gently) during theology and she whipped her head around and whisper-yelled “DON’T FOOKIN’ TOUCH ME” with a very scary face
  • our music teacher’s face while he SAT IDLY BY and WATCHED as she fucking KILLED US

anyway those are my moods of the day, I hope you enjoyed them! I will see you soon to do the maths, which I know you don’t want to do buttttt it gives me an excuse to talk to you for a while so I’m cool with it 🙂

also, remind me to sing my song for you tomorrow! or later over facetime or whatever! it’s kind of trash and it’s really cheesy but whatever I wrote a song!!

I love you! ❤


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