mi 2

dear best friend,

hey! I hope your day was not actually as terrible as you claimed it was, but if it was I’m sorry and I really hope tomorrow is better. hopefully some monday moods might lift your spirit a little, although i’m guessing it’s already lifted now that you’re home.

  • your mom’s reaction to “sad boi hour”
  • you being mind-boggled by inception’s lack of plot holes
  • a certain really annoying person in our grade online shopping through a class that was literally about consumerism and advertising
  • our “japan’s not real” friend coming into my afterschool chem and saying hello, asking me if i was staying after (no shit sherlock), waving enthusiastically, and leaving
  • the chemistry teacher giving my class all of these really complicated formulas that made no sense to solve this one problem on the lab and there were two simple formulas in the lab and i asked why i couldn’t just use those and she stared at me for a minute and then shrugged and said “well, i guess you can”
  • a cupboard full of holiday “creatures”
  • weird “put a pencil in your mouth” experiments
  • me supposedly being “in a really good mood” in psych (side note, I really like word association puzzle things like that and (side side note, sorry for my random mini-breakdown in psych, i know you think it’s ridiculous and it totally is but sometimes i’m just barely holding it together and something that seems really insignificant can just break the last thread i’m holding onto, but i’m sorry and i’m better now and it wasn’t your fault))
  • chem being the root of all evil (or should i say the rite?)
  • our gym teacher telling my class that she didn’t like the diary of anne frank because she was annoyed with how slow-moving it was????? do you not realize it’s a literal fucking diary???????????

those are my moods of the day, sorry I didn’t write more but I have to homework :((((

I love you ❤


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